Welcome to the website PT373Red which recounts the World War II experiences of George J. (Red) Stahley of Philadelphia, PA. Red served in the US Navy as a radioman on PT boats in the Mediterranean and the South Pacific in 1944-45.

The website provides information about Red's military service. The website is also a guided tour of my ongoing exploration of his Navy career and what it has meant for our family.

My name is Stephen J. Stahley and I am Red's son, a proud son of the Navy's "Mosquito Fleet" with its remarkable legacy in the US Navy.

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    PT Boats, Inc. labels itself "a non-profit historical/education corporation." This orgainization was "established by veterans of WWII PT service to preserve the history of Patrol Torpedo Boats." The site has many pages, including news, a message board, reunion information, and photos.

  • Fragile boats and savvy sailors

    The popular images of naval warfare in WWII call to mind large, heavy warships plowing the waves and firing their huge guns. Aircraft carriers, battleships, and destroyers were the surface craft that played major roles in the defining naval battles of the war such as Midway in the Pacific. More…

    Contact Web Administrator: Vicki Anzmann
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